VBA for smarties

This website is dedicated to the use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
VBA is the programming language of Microsoft's Office and all other software that makes use of it.

VBA has therefore a large amount of 'libraries'.
Every library contains methods that are specifically suited for each program.
There's also a specific VBA library,that contains methods that can be used by every VBA-fit program.

VBA offers opportunities to communicate between software: from one program you can give instructions to another using VBA.
Task integration is a VBA benefit that can't be achieved using the User Interface.

The code you will find in these pages comprises the minimal code to perform a certain task.
It may be necessary or practical to add some testing code for specific situations; I'll leave that to every coder to decide.
To restrict the code presented here to the absolute necessary minimum keeps the pages simple to read and the code easy to use.
Unless absolutely required to run the code properly variables won't be declared in the code examples. That's left to the user's discretion.

All green formatted code is meant to be adapted to the user's situation(e.g. foldernames, filenames, Driveletter, subject, etc.).
Basically a code-snippet acts as a complete macro, provided the necessary adaptation to the user's environment.
The presented code can be part of a macromodule, sheetmodule, workbookmodule or userform module unless indicated otherwise.

Every page contains a 'red button': suggestions.
If you spot typos, style errors, grammar violations or reasoning deficiencies please report those in order to have them amended/restored.
If you worked out a more elegant solution: your code is very welcome.
Your contributions on the structure of these webpages, the layout and userfriendliness are highly appreciated.
Signals on what is missing in your opinion will be seriously taken into account.